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2010-01-02 21:34:35 by DjUrOz

i'v made a new track which is (kinda) DARK DNB. It's great and sounds awesome i think. Check it out!

basshunter russia privjet remix!

2009-10-27 08:43:20 by DjUrOz

yeah yeah just gotta say that i started remixing tracks and finished remixing my first one!!!
Check out Dj UrOz - Russia Privjet
Tell me wot u fink of it, it seems that newgrounds is more into techno rather than electro/house.

Finally produced and released my first electro/house track. I'v also started to use ableton live and reason alonside fl studio. My latest track Discotek was a big sucess i think. I really liked it. Any electro/house fans will love it. Deadmau5 inspired me to create that sort of music and i really enjoyed making discotek.


-Dj UrOz

New tracks!!!

2009-09-26 08:10:33 by DjUrOz

Yeah just uploaded two more tracks. These two are really great. I would like some feedback on the tunes...